Start Your Property Search

Simple 7 Step Buying Process

1.  Initial Consultation

We will discuss what your wants and needs are in your new home or condo.  This will help us focus your search and create a plan going forward.

2.  New Listing Alerts

I will set up your search account and new listing alerts for properties that match your exact specifications.  These tools will make your real estate search more efficient, save you a lot of time and ensure you do not miss out on a good opportunity.

3.  Pre-Qualification

I will get you in touch with our mortgage parters who will get you pre-approved for your upcoming purchase.  This important step will put you in the position to make offers and buy with confidence.

4.  Schedule Showings

This is where it gets fun!  Once you identify some properties of interest I will schedule property showings for you.  We can typically see all of the properties on your list in a day and I will always make good use of your time.  

5.  Write an Offer

Once you find a home or condo that is of interest I will assist you with preparing the offer.  We will go through the recent comparable sales to determine an offer price that makes sense.  I will then negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible with the most favorable terms.

6.  Contract Phase

During the contract phase I will assist you with the mortgage process, title work, property inspections and homeowners association reviews.  My expert support staff and myself will work with you through each of these steps and provide guidance as needed.

7.  Closing

We will do a final walkthrough of the property prior to closing to make sure everything is as it should be.  We will then head to the title company to sign the final paperwork.  Then it is time to celebrate your new home!

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