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Buying Ocean City Real Estate

Buying real estate is a series of chronological steps that when managed properly will lead to you getting a good deal on a property through an efficient and enjoyable process.  Below are articles that I have written in response to the questions that I am most frequently asked.  Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact me anytime and I will be glad to address them.

Property Inspection Types

Home inspections are an important contingency in Ocean City real estate contracts.  There are several different home inspection contingencies you can choose to include in your real estate contract, which you will find outlined below.   AS-IS WITHOUT INSPECTIONS Under this scenario ... Read more about Property Inspection Types

Escalation Clauses

There is currently a considerable lack of inventory in the real estate markets of Ocean City and the surrounding areas, which is leading to multiple offer situations on most new homes and condos listed for sale.  Many of these offers are written higher than the listing price, which ... Read more about Escalation Clauses

Contract and Escrow Phase

You made an offer to purchase real estate in Ocean City or the surrounding areas, the Seller accepted your offer and now you are under contract … what is next?  Below is an overview of what you can expect as a Buyer as you work the escrow phase of the contract towards the property's ... Read more about Contract and Escrow Phase

Buying Timeframes

Once people find a property they want to purchase the next question is "How long will the process take?"  The time it will take to get the property you are purchasing from accepted contract to closing will depend on a few factors, which I have outlined below. Cash Purchases If you are paying ... Read more about Buying Timeframes

Fast Paced Market

We are currently in a fast paced real estate market in Ocean City.  Good inventory is low and well priced properties that are in good condition are selling withing a few days of hitting the market.  If you are currently in the market to buy real estate in Ocean City there are a few ... Read more about Fast Paced Market

Condominium Fees

As you have been searching online for Ocean City real estate you have probably noticed the condominium fees that are noted on each listing. A majority of the Ocean City condos for sale have monthly condominium fees associated with them and there tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding them. ... Read more about Condominium Fees

Closing Costs - Buyers

One of the questions I am asked the most is ... How much are the closing costs and what do they cover?  Closing costs are the charges and fees that are involved when buying real estate in Ocean City. Closing cost amounts will vary depending on the purchase price, property type and overall ... Read more about Closing Costs - Buyers

Property Considerations

The search for Ocean City real estate can get a bit overwhelming with all the different property types and locations to choose from. To assist with this I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of the primary property features you should consider as you start your search for the perfect ... Read more about Property Considerations

The Rental Process

Ocean City has a strong rental market during the late spring, summer and early fall seasons that many property owners take advantage of.  Some people buy Ocean City real estate purely as a rental investment.  Others rent their properties out when they are not using them to offset some of ... Read more about The Rental Process

Ocean City Mortgages

A lot of things have changed in the real estate industry over the past few years and one of the biggest changes we have seen is the process for obtaining a mortgage to purchase real estate in Ocean City. Back in 2005 and 2006 if you could "fog up a mirror" you could get a mortgage. This contributed ... Read more about Ocean City Mortgages

Rental Cost Coverage

One of the things I am asked about most frequently as a Realtor in Ocean City is the process of renting out real estate in Ocean City. Folks typically want to know how it works and and what type of income and carrying cost coverage they can expect. I recently wrote a post regarding the overall ... Read more about Rental Cost Coverage

Property Insurance

As a  Realtor in Ocean City I am often asked about property insurance and thought it would be helpful to put together an article outlining the basics.  Insurance requirements will vary and the cost, type and amount of coverage you will need will ultimately be dictated by the location and ... Read more about Property Insurance

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