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Coastal real estate purchases are large financial transactions, typically done from afar that involve a lot of time, people and tasks to manage.  It can get a bit overwhelming for those that are not intimatly familiar with the process.  If you are buying a coastal home it is worth considering hiring a local Buyer's Agent to help you navigate through the process.   An experienced Buyer's Agent will ensure your best interests are represented, streamline the overall process and save you valuable time and money.  Below is an overview of the Buyer Agency services that I offer.  

Local Knowledge

  • As a lifelong resident of the Ocean City area I am able to provide my clients with unique market insight and local knowledge.  Having lived and owned properties in a majority of the areas that makeup the Ocean City real estate market, I have a clear understanding of the benefits and unique nuances of each community.

Market Experience

  • As a licensed Ocean City Realtor since 2005 and successfully completing hundreds of real estate transactions throughout the area, I have the necessary experience to ensure my clients have a seamless transaction from our first conversation all the way through to the closing table.

Expert Guidance

  • My local market knowledge, real estate experience and established workflows are invaluable throughout the process of buying a coastal home and ultimately put my clients in a position to make informed buying decisions that they are confident in.

Right Direction

  • During my initial conversation with my clients I provide them with an overview of the coastal home buying process, discuss what they are looking for in their new home and answer any initial questions they may have.  This important step helps to identify their ideal property based on their wants and needs and gets their coastal real estate search started in the right direction.

Organized Real Estate Search

  • All of my clients receive a customized real estate search account with a connected app that helps organize their real estate search.  New listings and price adjustments for listings that match their criteria are emailed to them as soon as they hit the market.  These services save my clients a lot of time and effort, while also ensuring they do not miss out on a good opportunity.

Reliable Partners

  • I can recommend reliable and experienced mortgage companies, home inspectors, title companies, insurance providers and contractors to assist with the coastal home buying process.  I work with the best-of-the-best and leverage these long-standing relationships to ensure my clients consistently receive a high-level of service throughout the entire transaction.

Simplified Home Tours

  • Contacting multiple listing agents and Sellers to coordinate a home tour is cumbersome and inefficient.  I can arrange private showings for my clients to see any home or condo listed for sale in the area.  We can typically see all of the properties on their list in a day and I will always make good use of their time.  This service makes the home touring process much more efficient and saves my clients valuable time. 

Analyze Properties

  • After their property tour I advise my clients on the pros and cons of the properties they are interested in.  We will also analyze property values, homeowner's association health, relevant financials and the local real estate market as a whole.  This important step puts my clients in a position to make confident, informed decisions going forward.

Negotiate the Best Deal

  • Once my clients find the right property I assist them with determining an appropriate offer price and negotiating strategy.  I will utilize data and market knowledge developed from my experience to advise them on what is the right amount to offer and what is too much.  I will then negotiate on their behalf to secure a deal for the best price possible with the most favorable contract terms.

Transaction Management

  • Navigating a real estate transaction from contract to closing is where a real estate agent can provide considerable value.  I will oversee and act as the liaison between the lender, title company, property inspectors, homeowner's association, Seller's agent and related service providers.  I will stay in regular communication with all of these parties to ensure the real estate transaction is progressing as it should.  You will be kept up-to-date at all times and I will promptly respond to any and all information requests.

Contact Nicholas

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss my Buyer agency services in greater detail, feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179 or via email below.

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